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Eating Disorder Resources:


Binge Eating Disorder Association


National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. A non profit that specialized in helping people heal from anorexia and bulimia.

Something Fishy

A Pro Recovery Website with resources and referrals


National Association for Eating Disorders


Eating Disorders Anonymous


Overeaters Anonymous San Francisco

ED Referral

Referral source for eating disorders



Center for Disease Control Obesity Resources


The Body Positive

Body Positive Resources Encouraging Health at Any Size



International Size Acceptance Group to promote size acceptance and fight body discrimination



National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance



Resource for many books to help heal eating disorders and body image issues



Information and resources about anorexia and bulimia


Beyond Hunger

Non Profit in the Bay Area that promotes freedom from food and weight obsession


Overcoming Overeating

Woman's campaign to end body hatred and dieting

Psychotherapy Resources:


San Francisco is blessed to have so many amazing therapists. Here are just a few who I recommend.


Denise Kralj who specializes in couples, grief & loss, adult children of alcoholics, anxiety/depression and new moms. 415-742-1486-


Barrie Yuspeh who specializes in treating depression and anxiety and people in their 20's and 30's trying to find their place in the world.

Her office is located in Lower Pacific Heights.


Nicole Laby who specializes in treating eating disorders, couples, sexual orientation issues and infertility. 415-820-3952

Her office is located in the Castro.


Susie Finch who specializes in treating trauma, eating disorders, alcohol and substance abuse, personality disorders, couples counseling gay & lesbian relationships and queer issues. 415-820-3990

Her office is located in the Castro.


Sevin Phillips who specializes in treating couples as well as relationship and intimacy issues. 415-425-2521 -

His office is located in Cow Hollow.


Courtney Collier who specializes in treating relationship issues, codependency, family of origin issues, childhood physical and sexual abuse and incest. 415-990-3097. -


Brett Penfil who is also a certified life coach as well as a psychotherapist specializes in treating couples with infidelity issues, finances, and pre-marital counseling as well as job loss, career transition, job stress and rebuilding life after a relationship ends. 415-824-3242

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