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Support for Eating Disorders

I offer eating disorder therapy in person, online or through my complete online binge eating program.


I am a Health At Every Size® friendly Eating Disorders Therapist.


You can also read more about my eating disorder work at This a pro-recovery site created to empower people toward self-recovery.


When an eating disorder has taken hold- food, dieting, binge eating and purging takes center stage. It becomes the focus of your life while other issues get swept under the rug. People begin to cope with other parts of their lives by concentrating on food and body image. Often times, binge eating, restricting, purging, or over exercising is used as a way to self soothe and to numb whatever feelings are coming up around the issues and challenges of life. That's okay. If you overeat you are not bad. If you under-eat you are not good (or bad). Habits with food are coping mechanisms. In therapy, we learn other coping mechanisms that replace overeating or dieting, we look at the issues that have been covered up and stuffed down with food, we learn how to increase our capacity to sit with uncomfortable feelings so that we don't have to turn to food and food obsession.


I have been working professionally in the eating disorder recovery community since 2005, and have been involved as a volunteer and participant since 1999. I am also the author of Reclaiming Yourself From Binge Eating: A Step-by-Step Guide to Healing. I have trained at a few different Eating Disorder facilities, and have both worked and volunteered at various Eating Disorder Treatment Centers doing individual and group therapy as well as hypnotherapy and meditation for healing. I also have advanced training in treating Eating Disorders. Because I understand the difficulty in getting treatment (be it the cost, the inaccessible nature of treatment, or the problems with actually incorporating treatment with life) I created the blogRECOVERto help people find support in dealing with their Eating Disorders.


I am on the board of directors for BEDA (The Binge Eating Disorder Association) and participate in many projects and trainings related to size and diversity acceptance. My hope is for everyone to feel safe in my office no matter their size, shape, gender or race.


You can see me either in my San Rafael office or by phone or Skype.Please contact me with any questions you might have or to schedule a meeting.


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