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I like to say that a hypnotherapy session is like a massage for the soul. People almost always leave the sessions feeling a deep sense of peacefulness, relaxation, and calmness. Often, people have a deep internal process and come through a session having had some kind of catharsis.


Hypnosis is often described as a trance state or an altered state. However, hypnosis is actually quite a natural state. Being hypnotized feels like being deeply relaxed. In this state, your conscious mind is calmed and inactive. The day-to-day noise and self criticism and negative messages are quieted down while your calm unconscious mind is open and susceptible to suggestion. Most people say that being hypnotized feels a lot like being in a state of deep meditation.


When you come in for a hypnotherapy session, we begin by discussing more about what your particular issue is and what you are hoping to receive from the session. You might be coming in to receive some help ending a habit or you might be looking to add something more into your life, like confidence or self-esteem. Hypnotherapy helps you to empower yourself to have more positive reactions to certain feelings. For example, if you have a problem with compulsive overeating, a hypnosis session will help you to understand that you are stronger than the urge to binge eat. It will help you to find consciousness around the impulse and understand that you are bigger and more powerful than an impulse. It helps you to become conscious of your reactions to certain feelings so that you can act in ways that are more beneficial to you rather than being beholden to challenging feelings. You begin to understand that you are the controller of your own life, your own thoughts, and your own reactions. As you begin to understand emotions as nothing more than fleeting feelings, and not the ultimate truth, you are able to dictate more how you want to act, feel, and be in the world. You find that you are less ruled by your emotions.


After understanding more about how you'd like to change your experience in the world, I will gently guide you into a hypnotic state by using music and guided imagery. When your body and mind is relaxed, I will lead you through a common experience, but change the outcome. For example, if you are usually terrified of public speaking and want to work on that, we will bring you to a deep state of relaxation and then recreate the experience of you public speaking. Only this time, you are peaceful and relaxed. We will then add suggestions that if you become agitated or anxious, you are able to pause, relax, take deep breaths and be okay. This will actually change the experience of public speaking in your unconscious mind and create a new and more relaxed experience for you so that next time you are in that situation, you actually find yourself relaxing. Eventually, you begin to draw from those better, more positive experiences to create whole new experiences for yourself.


Hypnosis can be used to end damaging habits such as smoking, nail biting, or compulsive eating, to deal with phobias or fears such as fear of flying or heights, or to create more positive experiences for you, such as increased self esteem, better confidence level or to attract healthier relationships to yourself. It empowers your higher self to act on messages from your wise-mind, rather than simply reacting to feelings or events or triggers without thinking.


Because I have found that hypnosis is so incredibly effective, I have put together a website with downloads of the most common issues that people come in for. To download a hypnosis session, please go to the Hypnosis Download section.


Please contact me to set something up or if you have further questions. 

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